I am Pan. I first began using the internet in 1999 (which, I know, dates me quite nicely that I can remember the exact year...) Since discovering just how massive the world is via this wonderful and elusive piece of technology, I have quickly become quite the fangirl of all things you can see in this 'ere hub.

I am a self-taught coder in html, css and (basic) php. Everything you see on any and all of my websites has been hand-coded by me using a combination of Adobe Photoshop, Firefox and good old fashioned Notepad.

I first began creating my own websites back in 1999 when I became a fan of Yuen Biao. Noticing a lack of fansites dedicated to my favourite stars (then, people like Ekin Cheng, Eason Chan, Stephen Fung Tak-Lun) especially ones in English I decided I would create a hub of small fansites.

What started off as basic information pages grew into something I called 'Pan's Hong Kong Page' (hence, PHKP). This went along fine for about a year or two, that is until I became a fan of Tatsuya Fujiwara in 2002 and realised that it wasn't just a 'Hong Kong' page anymore, and so just shortened the name to PHKP.

For a while during the time I was at school I kept PHKP going through contributions from fellow fans and quite a bit of spare time. When I started going to University I realised I wouldn't be able to dedicate as much time to PHKP and that is when I stripped it back to be a hub (and bought it its own domain name). The fansite that had flourished the most (RDTF) became my main focus and the rest is what you see before you today.